“It’s time to take matters into your own hands and turn that fear and doubt into fuel for your fire…

burn baby, burn.”


Beryl Young testimonial

I’m going to help you find your voice and get crystal clear on your message, your why, your brand and your signature system—all while giving you the confidence, clarity and know-how of writing and delivering a viral-worthy speech that will captivate your audience and turn them into raving fans who are practically stalking you (in a good way) and are ready to buy whatever you have to offer.

I have had so many past Centre Stagers tell me that this is not just about speaking… this is the ultimate business course because it gets you SO clear and confident on what you are meant to be sharing!

Imagine getting paid top dollar to share your story, getting book deals, being seen as the go-to expert in your area of expertise, getting high-profile media, creating a massive following of raving fans, selling out your coaching programs and making a huge difference in the lives of thousands.

All this juicy goodness comes from showing up and getting your brave on while speaking on live and virtual stages.


LISTEN-UP AND TAKE NOTE: this is the moment you go from best-kept secret to celebrity status and when you go from fearful to courageous, it’s your time to step into the spotlight and share the story and message only you can share with the world!

Susan Burns testimonial


  • Receive extensive speaking training from an expert in the field who has delivered over 800 speeches in the past five years. That’s an average of 175 speeches every year!
  • Get one-on-one attention and personalized feedback on writing your Signature Speech; with a guarantee you will knock this speech out of the park (you will have my individual attention through our private Facebook group and I will go through your speech personally and give you specific, powerful and individual guidance to help you speak your truth with eloquence and courage). This is well worth the price tag and every participant is blown away by how much one on one time you receive… I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to over- delivering.
  • Gain insider secrets and performance tips on how to deliver your speech in a way that is entertaining, promotes connection and will get your audience to fall in love with you and become your raving fans who buy from you and spread the word about your work for you.
  • Skyrocket your business to a whole new level because of your new found fame and expert status.
  • Have the confidence, clarity and courage to totally rock any stage (even a virtual one) and spread your message far and wide while growing your list and adding more credibility, clients and cash to your biz.
  • Kick your fears to the curb in order to share your story with your real, raw voice. This is all part of the course; we will be addressing all those nasty fears that are keeping you stuck and definitely help you turn your fear of speaking into fuel so you get totally clear about your message and have the courage to share it in your voice.
  • Find the connection between your signature speech and your entire brand including new content, blog posts, programs and your overarching theme and message. This is a huge bonus that’s amazing to watch unfold, through our deep work to write a killer speech you’ll get crystal clear on every aspect of your business and how to be authentically you on stage, all while creating amazing content that supports that key message.


Want to know what some of my clients say about working with me?

Jeunesse Pearson Testimonial
Susanne Wilson Testimonial
Danielle Reed Testimonial
Shannon Nicholson Testimonial


Join the VIP Waitlist and receive not-released-anywhere-else trainings and VIP content:

Act 2: Your Showstopper: How to craft a sizzling speech

There’s an art to speaking and to writing a viral-worthy talk. I’ll give you the formula to creating a show-stopper every time you speak!

I have delivered over 800 presentations in the last 5 years! That is an average of 175 presentations a year.

Speaking is my #1 passion and really lights me up, this enthusiasm for this work will be highly contagious throughout our time together!

I have a secret formula I’ve refined through giving all of these presentations and it’s so effective. Not only will you be able to use this secret formula to bring your audience to their feet in your speech but you will also be able to use it to write any other talk or presentation in the future.

How about speaking at Spark and Hustle or the World Domination Summit? Yep you will be a speech-writing master when I'm done with you. I will also give a ton of ideas to captivate and connect with the audience so you can turn them into raving fans and followers. This isn’t just about a one-time speaking gig, this is about creating a HUGE list, bringing in tons of clients and making more money while making a massive difference through your work!
Act 4: Courage in the spotlight: Using fear to fuel you

I know that public speaking is the top fear next to death for a lot of people. But I’m also a Courage Coach and Fear Expert and I’m ready to help you overcome your blocks and fears and help you use your fears to fuel your performance on stage and in life.

During this week you’ll also receive a challenge to take action and get a speaking engagement booked. I will provide a live training call on how to do this and you will receive some amazing bonuses that are worth the price of this course that will help you know exactly what you need in order to get booked and will give you templates and resources to make this process so easy.

You will be ready to share your new Speech with the world.


We will have a two week intermission here to give you time to really dive into writing your speech and get feedback on it before moving forward.

Act 3: How to get booked

This week is all about getting booked which is kind of a big deal when you want to speak! I give you in-depth guidance and strategies on how to get booked no matter where you’re looking to speak.

I hold nothing back.

I share my own strategies for being able to book 175 speaking engagements every year for 5 years within a market that most people said had no budget… the education market!

I show you how to make the most out of every speaking engagement and profit from even the free gigs.

You will get all the insights on what you need to get booked, and also what you need in place, once the bookings start rolling in.

I will also issue you a challenge to get booked before the end of the course… talk about accountability! I’m there cheering you on and supporting you in finding the right places to pitch as well as HOW to make it happen.

Act 5: Rock the stage: Turn your audience into raving fans

Now that you’re clear on your story, have found your voice, have your Academy worthy speech written, and you are basking in your new-found courage you’re ready to learn how to truly connect with your audience.

I’ll give you the confidence to work the room, the skills to connect, and the ability to turn even the coldest room into your biggest fans.

I will teach you how to bring your audience to their feet.

I know we’re all different, so I will share ways that each personality type will be able to connect using their own likability factor. You will have fun going deep into your style, your personality, and how to bring it into making you stand out, ON and off the stage!

Act 6: Repurposing your speech

During this week I share with you some creative ways to take your signature speech and re-purpose it to fit just about any event or platform.

You’ll be able to use it as the basis for a webinar, a video training, a tele summit, or an interview. You will learn how to shorten and expand your speech to fit any time frame you are given. This is an amazing tool to have that will save you time, energy and will create more opportunities for you to speak!

This week will also be practice time. Yes — you’re going to deliver your speech (or even just a portion of it) to your family and/or friends and you will be recording it so I can see you in action. Or if you need, you can just speak to the camera. This will be so powerful in your preparation to actually deliver your talk on stage and I will be there every step of the way! I’m totally in your corner and ready to take you to Business Stardom.


So when these 8 weeks are done you will…


  • Call yourself a Speaker and be ready to start charging what you’re worth because you have gained the confidence and courage you need to step into the spotlight and be seen as an expert in your field.
  • Have your signature speech completely done and be ready to rock any stage while bringing in more clients and cash in the process.
  • Have the skills and know-how to get booked over and over again.
  • Have gained incredible clarity on your brand, your why, your message and your story.
  • Have new programs and offerings ready to roll out as well as tons of new content to engage and delight your clients that all tie into your overall message (which you will get crystal clear on throughout this course).



Overall value of Bonuses: OVER $19,000!!!
Yep, I do love to over deliver!

Join me and bring a friend for FREE to my 3-day event, SHINE Live 2016 in this special Buy One Get One FREE Bonus just for Centre Stagers.

Happening in Kelowna BC from September 21 – 23, 2016. You will receive a FREE ticket for a friend when you purchase your ticket by clicking the Shine Live link on the checkout form that will take you to a new form with the additional Shine Live ticket added to your order. This special BOGO sale is only on during the launch of Centre Stage, so you need to buy your ticket now before the cart closes on February 15th to receive the FREE ticket.

I’m SO excited to offer this SUPER AMAZING BONUS… seriously this is going to be THE event of the year. You get to BRING A FRIEND for free because I know everything is always more fun with a friend!


This is your time to SHINE in your life and biz. At this event we’re all about taking you from best kept secret, to SUPERSTAR! Get ready to step into the spotlight and SHINE, baby shine!

At the SHINE Live Event you will:

  • Dive even deeper into the art of storytelling for your business and brand and how to use it to build your empire!
  • Craft and have the opportunity to deliver your TED-style speech with guidance from me (yes this time together is all about learning, but more importantly about taking action and DOING it!)
  • Have Open Mic opportunities to get live, personal 1:1 coaching from myself and other guest experts!
  • Get more in-depth training on performance, voice control, and expression on stage so you can truly captivate an audience!
  • Have AMAZING guest speakers (seriously; your mind will be blown when you see them in action) they will teach you the art of using speaking in many ways in your biz: videos, podcasts, telesummits, interviews, PR and more. You get to learn insiders tips and secrets from the PROS!
  • Learn top strategies for monetizing each speaking opportunity from live to online gigs.
  • Go in-depth on your speaking plan and actually walk through the steps of hosting your own profitable live event.
  • Learn the art of building your platform and we will have a very special guest on the art of writing and publishing your book! You will also write the title and outline of your book then and there and come up with a plan to make it a best-seller!
  • Learn everything you need to build a platform and SHINE!

Seriously, this 3 day event will rock your business and your life! You will not only get top level instruction, training, and coaching LIVE but you will also forge priceless friendships and gain valuable connections through this life-changing opportunity! Taking place September 21 – 23, 2016 in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Bonus-1_yellow-arrow    TOTAL value: $997 — but really there’s no way to put a value on this event!

BONUS Bonus 2
Become a Centre Stage Certified Speaker 

If you’re active in this course and are able to share your story and message at the end of the course (via video) you will receive Certification for our time together and become a Centre Stage Certified Speaker.

This means you will be able to share this credential on your speaker page and one sheet to give you more confidence and credibility. You will also be listed in the Centre Stage Speaker Directory with links to your speaker page. This directory will become a wonderful resource for others looking to book speakers for their live and online events. This is an incredible opportunity to get your name out there and book more gigs!

Centre Stage Certified Speaker badge

Value: $997 (because this easily helps you increase your speaking rates and get booked for more gigs)

LIVE Hot Seat Calls and Weekly LIVE Facebook Office Hours 

You will each get time in the HOT SEAT where you get my undivided attention on YOU and get all your questions answered. We will also hold live Facebook Hours each week where you can ask me anything and get support. I know that personalized attention is where real transformation happens and that is why my programs are limited to a small number of women, so I can totally over-deliver in this department and get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Value: $1,500 (my one on one sessions go for this price and you get 8 weeks of calls and office hours)

BONUS Bonus 4
You will get lifetime access to Bonus Trainings from SHINE Live 2015 Expert Speakers:
  • Marisa Murgatroyd, 7 figure business owner and creator of Superhero Summits, shows us how to host Telesummits that add 10K subscribers to your list and 100K to your bank account
  • Karen Hutton, professional voice coach, teaches us the most mind-blowing strategies on how to use your voice powerfully and effectively as a speaker
  • TeeJ Mercer, award winning Hollywood TV editor, will show you how to become a media superstar and knock it out of the park on TV
  • Linda Edgecombe, Hall of Fame Speaker, shows us how to use humour even if you think you aren’t funny in your speech
  • Kate Muker, TEDxVancouver Team member and Founder of Conscious Divas, shares how to sell out your events and make sure they change lives
  • Makenna Johnston, TEDx Organizer and Speaker, gives you the know how and behind the scenes tips of getting chosen as a TED speaker
  • Adera Angelucci, award-winning video producer and owner of PassionpreneurTV, shows us how to use our iPhones to create powerful videos that connect and deliver

Value: $197

Chantelle Adams
special gift bonus 5

BONUS Bonus 5
Special SWAG delivered right to your mailbox

Yep, you get some amazing gifts sent via snail mail to inspire and motivate you to keep on going. I will use them as a little bribe too… accountability, anyone?!

Value: Priceless

BONUS Bonus 6
Never before released program Profitable Event Design — yours for FREE when you sign up

Not only do you get all the tools and strategies for getting booked at other events in Centre Stage, but you will also get all the tools and strategies for creating your own live event that sells out and makes you SHINE while adding more credibility, clients and cash to your business!  This is a program that’s not available yet to the public and you will get your hands on it first.

You will:

  • Create a strong foundation and vision for your event
  • Learn how to add in the special touches that will go a long way and have people talking long after the event
  • Create your profit plan and understand the different types of events and how to profit from each one
  • Have at your fingertips the exact step-by-step process you need to take to pull off a successful event with timelines, checklists and powerful tips and strategies
  • Know the best ways to fill and sell out your event, even with a small list and following
  • Have access to everything you need to know and do from idea to completion to make sure you make a HUGE income and impact through your own live events

Value: $497

BONUS bonus 7
Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group, Shine Inner Circle Mastermind
Bonus 7 facebook group
  • You will get ongoing support after the program is done from myself and all the Centre Stage Superstars.
  • You will get weekly office hours and monthly hot seat calls on-going with me to ask any questions, get feedback and support and continue to take your business and speaking to the next level with my love and guidance. This is a HUGE bonus I have never offered before, it used to be when the course was done it was done but NOW you get lifetime access to the course, the FB group and you get on-going support from me each and every week.
  • I also share opportunities for speaking live and online and there are amazing collaborations and partnerships happening all the time with the women in the group.
  • Plus— just being surrounded by the most heart-centred, change making & passionate women thought-leaders in the industry helps you up-level your game and see what is possible.
  • You always have somewhere to turn when you need support and encouragement or when you want to celebrate, how cool is that?!

Value: $5,000 (but really hard to put a price on lifetime access to myself and all the other incredible women in the group, plus ongoing coaching and support and the ability to take the program LIVE every year it runs and all the updates for FREE, I have never offered this before)

BONUS Bonus 8
Two INCREDIBLE Bonus Trainings from the BEST of the BEST!

These experts and their teachings will support you in two areas that are not my area of expertise but I know are a huge part of your success as a speaker, Voice Training and How to Self-publish your first (or next) book!

TRAINING #1: Voice of Brilliance taught by Professional Voice Coach Karen Hutton (Value: $197)

Karen Hutton has lived a truly multi-passionate, multi-career and life. The highlights: 35 years in equestrian sports. 15 years in professional figure skating and dance. 15 years in professional acting. 25 years as a voice & TV/radio broadcast talent coach. Currently a professional voice over artist of 20 years and a fine art photographer with over 2 million followers on social media, 11+ billion views of her photographic work and a partnership with Fujifilm.

In her 25 year voice coaching career, she was regarded as one of the top vocal coaches in the country for television & radio news broadcasting by clients at NBC, CNN, ABC as well as local and network affiliates all over the the U.S. Agents, broadcasters and business professionals alike sought out Karen’s unparalleled ability to help clients unleash their most resonant, powerful voice… one which is utterly unique to each individual.

You each have your own voiceprint, as unique to you as your fingerprint. This program is all about learning to release YOUR unique sound… the one that is unlike any other on the planet. Did you know your voice was designed to work 24/7 IF it’s used the way it’s designed? True fact. But in order to do that, you need to understand how to do a few things. We’ll cover them!

  • What subtle body energies are, to use them to sound richer, more resonant, charismatic and YOU than ever before.
  • A process for grounding a focusing yourself and your voice EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK.
  • How you’re REALLY supposed to breathe so you never run out of air when you speak!

Karen Hutton

Karen WOW’d all 110 women entrepreneurs at Shine Live and we couldn’t get enough of her knowledge so I asked if she would be a guest expert and share her transformational work with you. Your voice is truly your greatest asset and tool as a speaker and thought leader, it’s time to learn how to use it!

Jennifer Sparks

TRAINING #2: Self-publishing 101 taught by Jennifer Sparks (Value: $197)

Jennifer Sparks, Bestselling Self Published Author – Health & Wellness Coach, Owner of Stoke Publishing and CEO of SWIFTKICKlife.com She is helping more women know how to write their message and get it out there FAST in book format.

Being a published author is HUGE for speakers because it is a foot in the door when you have a book in your hand.

Jennifer has published several books in just the last year and many have hit the bestseller list. So if you have been waiting to write your book, no more waiting, it is time to get it DONE and out in the world and Jennifer is going to help you make it happen.

In this video training program, Jennifer will walk you through the process she uses to self publish and distribute her books around the world. She will share her tools and her stories about what works and what doesn’t and how you can finally get your book written and published in no time at all!

Makenna JohnstonBONUS Bonus 9 Makenna Johnston’s Vision Den
(Value: $297)

When you sign up for Centre Stage you get access from RIGHT NOW (as soon as you sign up) until April 10th to the incredible Vision Den!

The Vision Den was created out of a necessity for entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries to have a one-stop place to connect to their visions, their dreams, and take massive action to bring them into reality. Makenna’s signature offering, The Vision Den gets visionary leaders out of their heads, and into their bodies tapped into intuition once and for all. It combines guided visualization, movement, self-care, business strategy, and mindset work in a delicious smoothie of weekly calls, deep community, and support.

BONUS Bonus 10

Master Classes with Leading Guest Experts
(they will BLOW your mind) over the next year after we finish the training for Centre Stage so you can continue learning and growing with not only my love and support but a whole team of powerhouse leaders!!!!

These Master Classes will begin after the 8 weeks of Centre Stage and will be bi-monthly trainings to add value and expertise to all areas of your business — because once you start speaking, your business WILL grow and you will want to have these experts in your corner.

They will be leading a powerful Master Class Training and also holding a live office hour in the private Shine Inner Circle Facebook Group where you will get to ask them all your burning questions!

Let me introduce my panel of Guest Experts and share what they will be teaching you in the months to come:

Bushra AzharBushra Azhar: Persuasion Strategist

She is a Persuasion Strategist and creator of The Non-Icky Persuasion Toolkit: Use The Psychology of Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas, Your Work or Yourself!

MASTERCLASS: How to turn your business into a persuasion powerhouse by using psychology.

Genevieve Shingle JaffeGenavieve Shingle Jaffe: Sparkly lawyer for entrepreneurs

Genavieve Shingle Jaffe is our very own sparkly lawyer here to help you cover your beautiful business booty with legit legal protection.

MASTERCLASS: The most important things you need to know to legally protect your business.

Adrienne DorisonAdrienne Dorison: Success Strategist

Business Strategist to online entrepreneurs who want to grow & scale strategically, podcast host & dog-mom.

MASTERCLASS: What’s a sales funnel, and how to set one up to automate your sales process & provide a better experience for your clients/customers.

Amber McCueAmber McCue: Systems and Strategic Growth Expert

Sidekick to entrepreneurs who are ready to scale and grow their business!

MASTERCLASS: Strategies to Scale & Grow with Ease in 2016

Kamila GorniaKamila Gornia: Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing strategist for modern entrepreneurs who want to become leaders in their space online.

MASTERCLASS: Facebook Ads + List Building = Scaling Up Your Business to Blow Up Online (Get More Clients + Customers with Ease)

Laura HussonLaura Husson: Creative Director at Husson Media Ltd.

Helping female entrepreneurs look good online with irresistible websites and smart digital strategy.

MASTERCLASS: How to #LookGoodOnline

Jamie JensenJamie Jensen: Word-Wing-Woman + Sexy Sentence Slinger

Copywriter and brand storyteller for entrepreneurs with big hearts and bigger personalities.

MASTERCLASS: How to “Hollywood” Your Copy so you’re a blockbuster hit. Learn from Jamie’s entertainment expertise on what makes content truly killer. She’ll give you the 4 simple rules that every movie (and sales page) must follow in order to become marketing gold.

Elena LipsonElena Lipson: Divine Self-Care Mentor

Elena works with women all over the world to become the #1 asset in their life, business and the bedroom so they can reconnect to their purpose and passion.

MASTERCLASS: The connection between giving & receiving in Business.

Hilary SchneiderHillary Schneider: Leadership Coach + Manifesting Mentor

Supporting purpose driven entrepreneurs in the impact of their purpose and success of their wildest dreams through the power of manifestation.

MASTERCLASS: How to manifest and powerfully create a foundation for your purpose and wildest dreams to become a reality.

Ruby FremonRuby Fremon: Self-Love Catalyst

Ruby helps millennial women radically boost self-love, and create lives that make them ridiculously happy.

MASTERCLASS: Using self-love as a catalyst for your growth, both personally and in business.

Megan HaleMegan Hale: Fierce Feminine Leadership Mentor + Enoughness Coach

Megan Hale teaches you how to rise above the voices of “not enough”, embrace your fierceness for bold action, and engage your feminine power to trust your wisdom, trust your story, and up level what you deserve.

MASTERCLASS: 6 Foundations for Fierce Feminine Leadership

Alionka Polanco Alionka Polanco: Dream Accelerator

Alionka is the premier life coach for high achieving female entrepreneurs, public figures, and celebrities.

MASTERCLASS: How living life by your deepest desires is the key to fulfillment.

Ida Rose ButwinIda Rose Butwin: Productivity + Time Management Strategist

Ida teaches and supports mom entrepreneurs that want to create flow in their lives and business without sacrificing self-care or family time. Ida believes that you do NOT have to be a 24/7 entrepreneur to be successful.

MASTERCLASS: Redefining Hustle – finding balance in biz and life

Sarah HartSarah Hart: Visual branding expert

Sarah Hart is a web designer turned branding expert who helps lifestyle brands become absolute legends online.

MASTERCLASS: Be Legendary Online

Allison BraunAllison Braun: Business + Lifestyle Success Coach

Allison helps freedom & purpose driven women get clear on how all their gifts come together in a way that attracts and serves their SoulMate Clients. She’s helped her clients go from getting their first clients to their first $10,000 clients with joy, ease and alignment.

MASTERCLASS: Soulful Essentials To Attracting High-Paying, Soulmate clients

Cassie HowardCassie Howard: Biz Consultant for Badass Women Entrepreneurs

Cassie helps women entrepreneurs ditch the overwhelm and confusion and make bank.

MASTERCLASS: 7 Secrets to Turn Discovery Calls into Paying Clients

Makenn JohnstonMakenna Johnston: Business Strategist. Action Maven. Intention Catalyst

Makenna is a business consultant who collaborates with and holds space for visionary leaders, her recipe for success: impeccable business strategy swirled with deeply soulful coaching, add a dash of bodymind connection, a heaping teaspoon of intention, and a splash of magic to finish.

MASTERCLASS: Intentions Beget Actions: How to shift away from expectations, release attachment, and ground into intentions for massive impact in life and business. A discussion of her book The Intention Generation

Rachel KellowayRachel Kelloway: Founder of Publicity Academy

Rachel Kelloway works with entrepreneurs & professionals across the world unleash their expertise, step into the media spotlight & become known as sought-after experts in their field using publicity.

MASTERCLASS: Step into the media spotlight : Learn step-by-step how to attract publicity, get known as an expert & reach your dream clients – even if you have no contacts, no list and no budget!

WOOHOO! That was a lot of value packed into this program! So many bonuses that you get to take advantage of — I can’t wait to see how they transform your biz!

Now just because I LOVE to give back
and love rewarding fast action-takers
I’m also going to give some
incredible fast action bonuses…

fast-action bonuses:

First 15 get a FREE 20 minute
session with me!

This is a HUGE bonus because in just 20 minutes I have completely
changed people’s businesses and gotten incredible clarity for them
and in 20 minutes I can help you write an entire killer speech,
it’s like having my brain on loan… we can do SO much in this time together!

Fast Action Bonus 2FAST
First 20 get a VIP dinner with me and my
special guest speakers at the 3-day live
event, SHINE

Fast Action Bonus 2 VIP dinnerTalk about VIP experience, picture a limo ride to a private vineyard overlooking the lake with food prepared by a world- renowned chef, award-winning wine and time to connect in an intimate setting with myself and the other movers and shakers who are ready to make this dream a reality! PLUS time with our VIP speakers, who I will be disclosing very soon… but you’re going to want to meet these women in person, seriously this is HUGE!!!! Trust me, these ladies are incredible and being able to meet and hang out with them privately is a priceless opportunity!

Fast Action Bonus 3FAST
First 25 get a BONUS group hot seat call with me

Once you experience a hot seat call you’ll know how valuable this is. In a short amount of time I can get you incredible clarity and direction and help you make HUGE strides. So this will be a bonus time for you to ask me more q’s personally and get your answers.


Fast Action Bonus 4FAST
First 30 get a bonus $100 OFF any other programs and offerings to work with me in the future

I have had superstar women from all over the world sign up for every single thing I have put out into the world. I’m so grateful and humbled at how they just keep coming back for more :). So after our time together in Centre Stage I have a feeling there may be some other offerings you will want to take advantage of and this is a great way to save more in advance on any other program or offering you want to take advantage of!

Let’s Change the WORLD together:

I think the BEST bonus of ALL is when you enrol in Centre Stage or Centre Stage Live I will be donating $100 to build a secondary school in Tanzania with Natalie MacNeil of She Takes on the World and Mom 2 Mom Africa.

Giving back is a HUGE part of why I am in business and I love partnering with other women in biz to change the world.  Together with my kids we raised $11,000 to build a school in Kenya, I started the Courage to Fly Project Fundraiser and jumped out of a plane to raise $10,000 for a school in Nicaragua and at Shine Live we helped build a secondary school in Haiti.

My goal is to build schools all over the world to help end the cycle of poverty through the power of education, I truly believe that knowledge is power!

Just think, by investing in your future and learning new skills you are also helping girls and boys in Tanzania learn, grow and have a brighter future, who knows how many lives will be touched by these children because you made the choice to use YOUR voice to change the world.

Building schools in Nicaragua

Natalie MacNeil Conquer Students

And remember — for a limited time I’m giving you $300 off YOUR
special price of enrollment so jump in before the price goes up!

Join the VIP Waitlist and receive not-released-anywhere-else trainings and VIP content:

Not sure if this program will be different (in a really good way)
than others you have invested in?
Take it from my past Centre Stage Grads… it is!


testimonial Paula Winchell

testimonial Susie Romans
testimonial Laura Noland
testimonial Amber Lilystrom


testimonial Jessica Wyman

“I know what you’re thinking… I’m so scared to speak, will I really be able to do this?”







I’ve made that amount and WAY more in just one hour with my speaking business.

So if you think about it; you just have to get 1 or 2 speaking gigs to recoup your investment and I give you everything you need to know to do just that and a whole lot more.

Or you just have to get 1 or 2 clients from a free speaking gig to also make your investment back and more.

I deliver a challenge to get booked during the program and I give you amazing tools to make that happen and support to know where to look, how to approach possible opportunities, what to charge and how to make it a ‘heck yeah’ for them to hire you.

But, that’s just the money you can get paid to speak, then there’s also all the money you will make from list building, client getting opportunities that will come from you sharing your message through speaking… that’s where you will make some serious cash from speaking!

I’m a fear-busting queen and I’m in your corner. I dedicated a week of training on turning your fear into fuel, because I know that speaking is a real fear for many. I’m ready to get you pushing through that fear and take that stage with confidence, courage and power, you can totally do this.

If I can jump out of an airplane and fall 10,000 feet when I’m terrified of heights…. you can get up on that stage and spread the message you know will change the world. You are ready and I’m here to help you every step of the way.


“That is a big investment,
will I get my money’s worth out of this course?”


Also, this isn’t just a course about writing a killer speech

and being able to totally rock the stage and gain tons of raving fans and clients every time you speak; it’s also about re-purposing your speech and getting you clear on your brand, your message and how you can package all of that into programs and offerings. This is incredible work that will give you content, structure and ways to bring it all together in one cohesive package that sells and makes you a whole lot of money. Again, that is worth a whole lot more than the price tag on this course.

Another thing— I’ve taken a lot of courses and programs and every time I’ve gotten something amazing from it. But with some programs I find without one-on-one attention on my business I’m left stuck, overwhelmed, unsure and not getting results.

That’s exactly why I’ve decided to have a limited number of women in my program so I can give one-on-one feedback, support, guidance, coaching and accountability. I know this is a missing part of so many programs out there, and also the KEY to transformation and to really getting results.

I’m fiercely dedicated to your success and have been called a ‘mama bear’ from several participants of Centre Stage because I care — and I care deeply — and will do everything in my power to help you succeed. If you show up and do the work, you will get way more than you every dreamed of from this course.

Here’s what some of my Centre Stagers had to say
when I asked them to share their feedback
on the program:

testimonial Mandi Lynn

testimonial Henrika Tonder

Why are you qualified to deliver this course?

I’m a motivational speaker and have delivered over 800 presentations in the past 5 years. That is an average of 175 speeches a year.

Most of these were paid gigs but when they weren’t, I have made 10K+ from the free ones as well.

I have spoken to teachers, executives, kids, youth, whole communities, women entrepreneurs, parents, principals, bus drivers and social workers. I have delivered my speeches to the most diverse groups and I know how to turn a room full of skeptical bus drivers into my biggest fans. I know how to keep 500 kids ages 5-12 completely captivated for an entire hour. I have endless testimonials and rave reviews from every single speech I have given.

By delivering so many speeches I have really gotten my writing process down to an art form and having the opportunity to speak to so many different audiences has helped me hone my presentation skills.

I have the experience and the passion to make this happen for you. Are you ready to start speaking and rocking the world with your message?

Are you ready to gain the visibility and credibility that you deserve, speaking will put you into a whole other realm of success and is THE fastest way to grow your business!


and this is your only chance to get in.

“I keep the number of participants limited because of all the one-on-one attention I provide. You will be amazed at all the love and attention I will give you and your biz.

If you are ready to step into the spotlight and take your message to the world in a big, bold way then you are ready for Centre Stage.”

Think about where you have the potential to be in a year from now, don’t wait a year and look back wishing you had taken the leap to join! It will change your business forever and help you gain clarity, confidence and courage to take your business to a whole new level!

Let’s get this party started and get YOU into the spotlight where you deserve to be!

This Program has SOLD OUT every single time, so if it is calling to you and you want to be sure you know it’s right for you, let’s hop on the phone and chat—you can ask me anything!



If you want to chat with me about Centre Stage, click here to get connected.


I believe it is your time to shine… don’t wait if this program is speaking to you because it has sold out each and every time. Let’s get you confidently rocking the stage and reaching more people with your message while adding clients, credibility and cash to your biz! WOOHOO!!!


testimonial Lisa Wood

testimonial Lori Bateman

My Centre Stage 100% LOVE IT! Guarantee:

Join me in the Centre Stage Course, participate FULLY in the online program (Facebook Group, HOT Seat Calls, Daily Check-ins, showing up and doing the work) plus hand-in all of your homework and if you don’t think this program has changed your business in an impactful way and you simply do not LOVE IT then let me know within 30 days and I’ll process a full refund of your tuition (minus 20% admin fee)!

But, I have a feeling you are going to LOVE IT! xo


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